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Specific Marriage topic starts at minute 15:30: 

Links to specific How to Topics with short videos: 

How to guide and video on entering marriage sacrament


How to guide and video on pulling someone into their own family, or adding a member to an existing family

Expanding on the August topic of moving Adult "Kids" who are still in their parents family record into an Adult Family of their own in preparation for setting them up as a married couple. 

We will demonstrate all the pieces that go into the family record and member record, including the sacrament entry for Matrimony.


We'll cover these couple scenarios:

·Young adult Bride & Groom are each separate families (not in their parent’s family)

·One young adult is a separate family but other is part of their parent’s family

·Both young adults are in their parent’s family

·Young adult bride and/or groom are from another church

·Then demonstrate adding the marriage sacraments, updating the names, marital status, maiden name, non-Catholic if interfaith, etc. for the family and members