A downloadable How-to Guide document is attached to the bottom of these instructions. 

Also this video demonstration shows both the sacrament of matrimony entry for each spouse and also includes how to move the spouses from their existing family into their new family, if applicable.

Note: if you receive a Certificate of Marriage (or notification) from another parish, do NOT Enter it into Gabriel. Only the parish that performs the sacrament should enter the sacrament into Gabriel. Below we below show how to move a child from their parent's family into their own adult family and add the spouse into the new family. The certificate/notification is for the purpose of annotating the member's baptismal record in the official registry book. 

Note: A Marriage must be 1 Family record with 2 spouses (members) and each spouse must have the Sacrament of Matrimony entered to count as a Marriage. If one spouse is non-Catholic, you still include them as a member and set to "non-Catholic" to count as an Interfaith marriage. 

Click here for the video on entering the Sacrament of Marriage


Enter Member Sacrament Records for Matrimony

The Sacrament of Matrimony should be recorded in the Sacramental Registry first. Make a note of the Registry Volume, Page and Line of the record as you will need this for your Gabriel record.


The Sacrament of Matrimony is recorded by the Parish where the sacrament takes place regardless of where the member is registered. The Parish will provide a Certificate of Matrimony (or notification) to the Parish of Baptism.  If you receive a Certificate/notification of Marriage and fine the bride/groom is still in their parent’s family, please separate that child from their family and contact the parish of the marriage so they can merge the bride/groom into the new family they may have created. Do not input in Gabriel the matrimony sacrament if they were not married in your parish, this should only be done by the parish of marriage.



Establish a new family:  First search for the member record of either spouse in Gabriel. (It will help if you know the Family name or origin if the member is under their parent’s family record.)  If you find the member in Gabriel, you may need to pull either the bride or groom into a new family, separating them from their family or origin. To do this – reference the guide How to Separate a Family - Create a New Family from an Existing Member or Move a Member to an Existing Family

Note: if you search for member in member but cannot locate their family, it helps to download the member search which will provide a family address on the report, which you can use in a family search.

If either member of the couple (or their family of origin) are not from a parish in the Diocese, then you will add a new family for them. Next you will either pull the other spouse into their family (if they have a Gabriel record) or add the spouse as a new family member in this new family.


Once you’ve established your new family you can enter their sacrament record. You will enter sacrament information into both the bride and the groom’s sacrament record.


Pull up the Family record 

Select the bride or groom’s Member  record


Click the Miscellaneous Tab

 Insert their birthdate, 
or confirm there is a birthdate. 

 Change their marital status to “Married by a Priest/Deacon”, 
which indicates a sacramental marriage.

 For the bride enter her Maiden Name

 If either spouse is of another faith, check Non Catholic. 
This will identify interfaith marriages when you pull your annual sacrament reports.-

Save when done.


Repeat this process for the other spouse.


Select the Sacraments Tab

Click Add to add a Sacrament record

Choose Matrimony from the drop down list



Enter the appropriate information in each field.

Note: The Location field is limited to 80 characters including spaces and punctuation


Save when done.

**Repeat these steps for the other spouse. The date of the sacrament is key, as this is what will tie the spouses together on reports.


Return to the Family Record.


Update the Family Name and Salutation.

Update their Family Status.

Save when Done



Click the Administrative tab

Check or Un-check the Envelopes option based on the couple’s choice.

Click the Churches Tab

Update the Church of Registry information. In this case the couple is Sacrament only. Once they decide to register with a church, the church will handle the registration piece.

Save when Done.



The Parish will provide a Certificate of Matrimony to both spouse’s Parish of Baptism.


Notes on pulling the bride/groom into a new family:

  • Update their family status as appropriate to your parish.
  • Uncheck envelopes in the Administrative Tab.
  • Update their Church of Registration in the Churches Tab
  • Update their marital status
  • Update the bride’s maiden name
    • The PRM notes for the member will not transfer to their new family. If you want to retain PRM notes for the member, copy the note from the original family to the new family (copy & paste or retype). The note will remain in the original family record. 
  • Optional but helpful, enter a PRM note for the Original Family info, parents and parent’s family ID
  • Optional but helpful, enter a family PRM note in the parent’s record of the child’s new family ID
  • Optional but helpful, add a note in the Family Maintenance screen that XYZ child moved to new family


For more information on Church of Registry, please reference the Family Maintenance Churches Tab : Gabriel Software, LLC (freshdesk.com) video. For more information on Member and Family Status, see the Family Status : Parish Support (freshdesk.com) and Member Status : Parish Support (freshdesk.com) reference guides.



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