This How to Guide and video demonstrates how to move a member of an existing family and pull them into their own family. This will maintain all of the sacrament records, miscellaneous, work information for this member. A downloadable document of the guide below is also available at the bottom of these instructions

Watch a short video demo for separating the member into a new family (after divorce, or is age 17+), and pulling a member into a family (as prep for marriage)

Watch a 4 minute video click here (from Gabriel 2018 in Classic View)

How to Separate a Family

Create a New Family from an Existing Member or Move a Member to an Existing Family


This brief tutorial will show the user how to add a new family from an existing member record and how to associate a member with another family without breaking the link to the original family.  


This is used when a child gets married, moves to their own address, or a couple separates/divorces. You create a new family from their member record and all their sacraments and history stays with them and no data is duplicated. The member record will still appear in their original family with a highlight indicating they have another primary family.


Note: You may not be able to create a new family from a member if they are not in a parish that you have administrative rights to. In this case, you should contact the Parish the member is registered with and ask them create a new family from the member. Then you can add your church to their family record and update their member status as appropriate to their relationship with your parish.

Note: You can pull the family into your parish and separate the member to a new family. Just know that it will make an association with your church, not the original church you pulled the family from. And only your church will be able to see the member as part of their original family.

Many parishes follow the rule that at age 27, every member should become their own family, regardless of address. In the report library is a report to identify families with young adults age 27+ called Families with 2 or More Members over Age 26. 


  • Locate the Family Record that contains the member you wish to Create New Family or Move To an Existing Family by searching for the Family Record.
  • Click on the name of the Member which opens their member record that you want to Create New Family or Move To Existing Family with. 

  • Scroll to the bottom right of the page and click on the arrow next to Save to get the drop-down menu and make your selection. Select whichever is appropriate Create new Family (for a Groom or an independent child) or Move to Existing Family (to add a bride to the groom's family, add a child to a new family).


  • If you choose to Create New Family (if unable, see Note above) you will be brought to the member's new Family Record page where you can update their new address and other contact information.  Once you create and Save the new record you can add any new members to the family.
  • If you choose to Move To Existing Family this option allows you to move someone to an existing family in either your church or any other church within your search capabilities.  Once you select Move To Existing Family the Church list will pop up and you can search for the church. Then the family list will pop up. Scroll to the top of the list and enter the family last name in the search box and select the family to which you would like to add the member.


  • Once you select the family to which you are moving the member, the member will be added to the new family.
  • Click Save to save the changes.
  • Click the Administrative Tab for the member and uncheck Envelopes, if appropriate.
  • Verify that the Member’s status is correct in their new record.


Note: By choosing to move the member you maintain his/her connection with their original family as well as keeping all member information with his/her current member record.  This prevents duplicate member records from being created. 


Note:  If a member has been moved you will see that their member record has been shaded in the member's original family record. If you click on the shaded member name it will take you to the member's current family. The shading can only be seen if the family and the member moved have your parish listed as one of their parishes. Therefore, it is best if the church of registration handles the member move.

Notes on items to update in the newly separated family record.

  • Update their family status as appropriate to your parish.
  • Update their member status as appropriate (the member will only have your parish listed).
  • Uncheck envelopes in the Administrative Tab.
  • Update their Church of Registration in the Churches Tab
  • In the Mailing Address tab, uncheck the Mailing address box, then save to USPS validate the address
  • Update their marital status as appropriate (many children in families have no marital status).
    • The PRM notes for the member will not transfer to their new family. If you want to retain PRM notes for the member, copy the note from the original family to the new family (copy & paste or retype). The note will remain in the original family record. 
  • Optional but helpful, enter a PRM note for the Original Family info, parents and parent’s family ID
  • Optional but helpful, enter a family PRM note in the parent’s record of the young adult's new family ID
  • Optional but helpful, add a note in the Family Maintenance screen that XYZ member moved to new family & note ID