These are the minimum standards that all parishes should be following in using GabrielSoftThese standards will ensure that reports and data for your parish are always current. For explained information and specifics on each individual Pillar see the attachments at the bottom of the page and associated webinars.

Standard Operating Policy for Parish GabrielSoft Usage for the Diocese of Green Bay (The Six Pillars)

All Parishes should be using GabrielSoft for the following documentation for Parish Families. Each user at the parish should be set up with the appropriate security and training to perform their function. These responsibilities can be divided up among staff and volunteers.


1.  Review families census information (for more specific info, Pillar 1 attachment below)

  • Ensure correct name, address, email, phone
  • Review Family Status as appropriate to their relationship with your church
  • Ensure Registration status is updated for the church the family chooses to be registered with
  • Ensure the correct members at the address are listed
    • Review Misc Tab for birthdate, gender, marital status
    • Monitor families for young adults to be moved to a separate single family.
  • Member status is updated by the parish of registration.
  • Update Mailing address in Mailing tab when address is updated on maintenance screen.
  • Review families for duplicates (the diocese can provide a report) and request to merge duplicates.


2.  Enter sacraments into Gabriel to reflect entries in Sacramental Registry

  • Enter Baptisms, First Communion sacraments celebrated at your church.
    • When First Communion is done in a mixed church setting, the church who prepared the student in RE should track their students in their book and in Gabriel. (“Host parish” responsibilities see [1] below)
  • Enter Confirmations for all of your parishioners, even if held at another parish. (Confirmation “Host parish” responsibilities see [2] below)
  • Enter Marriages celebrated at your church.
    • Pull each spouse out of their parent’s family into a new family before recording Matrimony.

3.  Enter Funerals held at your parish or by your clergy at another non-parish location.

  • Enter the Date of Death
  • Enter the Funeral Rite under the Funeral Tab - insert Church ID in Book Information Location
  • Make the member status deceased.
  • If all members of a family are deceased, make the family status deceased and unregister them in the Churches Tab.
  • If a living spouse, update the marital status to Widow/Widower, and set Family Status for living persons.

4.  Enter weekend offertory and loose collection into appropriate funds by family.

  • Enter envelope contributions.
    • individually, by batch, (including cloned batches), by on-line giving report download or by on-line giving integration
  • Enter Loose Cash collection into family “Loose, Collection” ID 42329 (Budget 99999)

5.  Maintain Mass schedule and enter Mass Counts weekly.

  • Maintain Mass schedule for active Masses and inactivate those as appropriate.
  • Enter attendance per Mass into the schedules under the “Counts” tab.

6.  Maintain up to date Standard Committees

  • Enter members of the Pastoral Council (including the Secretary Trustee) into the Standard Committee “Pastoral Council” using the drop-down list for Position. Council Chair and Trustee should have Start and End Dates.
  • Enter members of the Finance Council (including the Treasurer Trustee) into the Standard Committee “Finance Council” using the drop-down list for Position. Council Chair and Trustee should have Start and End Dates
  • For members leaving the committee, enter the end date, save, and then delete the committee person.
    • Check that an automated PRM note is created for the deleted committee person.
  • Enter staff persons into the Parish Staff Standard Committee using the drop-down list for Positions. Start and end dates are useful but optional.
  • (DRAFT) Clergy Parish Staff assignments (Deacons/Priests/Pastoral Leaders) are managed by Chancery staff.

[1] First Communion - the host parish” would put cross reference entries in their First Communion register with “guest parish” name & list the communicants. This is solely for determining which parish “counts” the First Communion sacrament for OCD & Parish Annual Report. Specifics listed in Pillar 2 document attached below.

[2] Confirmations in a group setting - the Host parish can make cross reference entries in their Confirmation Register with “guest parish” name & confirmands, or just name the guest parishes. Specifics listed in Pillar 2 document attached below.

[3] When Gabriel makes available the Funeral Rite, entries will instead be made in the Funeral Rite

Updated April 28, 2023 (V.3)

See Webinar Recording for each section.

Pillar 1: Families, Members, Church and Family Explorer

Pillar 2: (Part 1) Entering Sacraments and Timelines (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation)