This webinar covers:

  • What a tax-deductible contribution is all about - Are statements required? What about the $250 threshold? Are there tax changes?
  • Pulling present statements
  • Pulling preset statements from the Report library for bulk mailing
  • Pulling statements that break out the $250 individual contributions
  • Using Mail merge templated and a contributions report (instructions starts at Minute 36:00)
  • Also included are tips and tricks to downloading the report library reports to download into Word documents, and how to customize the statements including adding graphics, signatures, replacing or adding text.

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Video Excerpts from Webinar on Customizing template in Word, Excel formula for Caps to Proper Case, find/replace for graphics/text, and editing headers/footers and margins.

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Link to MS Excel tutorials (for adding columns and formulas like =proper for changing all CAPS addresses to Proper case)

Link to MS Word tutorials (for find/replace)