This series of articles was produced for new users of the Gabriel Software. Below are also two webinars Part 1 and Part II of Back to Basics - covering all the fields in Family & Member Maintenance and Churches tab, where parishes spend most of their time in Gabriel. Also at the bottom are links to Family Name Rules and Understanding Family Status types.

We cover Family maintenance, Family Status, Member Status, Registered Church, and every tab in each area.

Click here for GabrielSoft's article on HOW TO USE FAMILY EXPLORER

Click the links for Back Basics Part 1, and Part 2 webinars from .

And Click here for the Back to Basics Webinar video Part I where we covered several aspects of Family and Member Maintenance screens. To start at the training go to Minute 21.20 of the video. We reviewed the Family Maintenance fields, and Member maintenance for address, miscellaneous (birthdate, gender, marital status), Committees and PRM notes.

And Click here for the Back to Basics Webinar Video Part II- Hop over to minute 5:45 where we continued covering Family & Member Maintenance. We searched across the diocese for a family. We added a new family. We pulled a family from another parish into our Parish. 

Helpful documents: 

Family Naming Suggestions

Family Status types