This document comes from Gabriel Software and describes their recommendations on how to name families and members in Gabriel. The purpose of the standards is to make it easier when searching for a family across the diocese to see if a family should be added or pulled in your parish. This is particularly important in avoiding duplicate families. Surnames that are hyphenated or separated by a Space are difficult to find matches for, or cause the user to search in multiple ways.

We suggest putting last names that are hyphenated or with a space in the last name field as one word. The Salutation and Mailing Name fields can include the full name with proper spelling for correspondence. (Some of the information in the document attached conflicts with this suggestion.)

We also suggest using proper case (not all caps) for names and addresses in the Family maintenance section. The Mailing Address tab is where the USPS validation takes place, and that will be in all caps. 

Do NOT use punctuation (except in the Salutation or Mailing Name if you prefer)

Last Name - no spaces in last name, no punctuation, in Proper Case (not all Caps)

First Name - Catholic person's name first when only one is Catholic or just the Catholic person's first

    name. Again, no punctuation and Proper Case (not all Caps).

Mailing Name -  This field is the one that appears on the envelope. If only one is Catholic, use that
    person's name. If both are Catholic, put either Mr & Mrs + Last name;  or first & last names+Last
    name. USPS prefers no punctuation. (Patty & Lee Young OR Mr & Mrs Lee Young)

Salutation - This field will appear on correspondence where you use pre-set reports like statements.
    The name should appear in the actual form the parishioner prefers. Mr & Mrs Smith  or Bob & Jean
    Smith.  The letter will say "Dear Mr & Mrs Smith". You can use punctuation in this field.

Member Name in Member Maintenance should be their Proper name. i.e. Patricia not Patty. You can include spaces or punctuation in last names here.