Part 1 Webinar video, from Aug. 25, 2021, is a trainer to student review of the Family Search, Family Maintenance and the Tabs used in adding and updating a family record. Also discussed was the Family Status options and relationship to the parish. Some Member Maintenance tabs were also reviewed. Included is a brief review of the July 14 webinar and updates to the sacrament & marriage reports and a review of finding Registered Households for Parish Report year ending 6/30/21.

Part 1 Basics: Click here for the recorded Webinar video

Part 2 video: In the webinar (from Oct 13, 2021) we demonstrated how to search across all parishes for a family and how to pull a family from another parish into your parish and the fields to update. We also showed how to add a new family and new members to the family. And how to move an existing member from one family to another (like in a new blended family).

Part 2 Basics: Click here for the recorded Webinar video

Click the attachments below for the Chats from the both Webinars (with notations)