Using the documents below - prepare statements for your Religious Education families.

You will need to have security rights to Funds to do this. (For the purposes of generating the statements, your rights can be added temporarily and then removed once the statements are prepared.)

  1. Set up the Religious Ed Tuition Fund (your bookkeeper can do this)
  2. Enter the Tuition due for each family as a pledge amount. 
  3. If you have credits to apply toward tuition, enter the credits (scrip, overpayment, tuition assistance).
  4. Generate a Tuition Report using the Religious Ed Tuition Fund and the Generate Campaign report in GabrielSoft.
  5. Open the attached Faith Formation Statement Template - Mail Merge document below and prepare the text and letterhead as you wish. Leave the Merge fields as they are so they match up to your report.
  6. Generate the Merge, print and send the statements

    If you'd like to review tuition payments before prepping statements, you can pull a Fund Raising Report.