Here are the links to the updated Solution Articles for preparing year-end statements and a recording of the December 2, 2021 webinar with Gabriel Support. 

(Must have fund manager or church administrator security rights to generate these reports). 

Option #1 is using the Preset Statements that generate PDF's. Can be done for a large group or one family at a time. This is not customizable.

Option #2 is the Mail Merge Option where the parish can download a report, use one of 5 templates, and process with a MS Word Mail Merge. There are 2 videos within the solution article which walks them through the Mail Merge process as well as written instructions.  This allows for customization of the statement.

Option #3 is found in the Report Library using either the Detail Contributions or Summary Contribution reports and Mailing Labels for Contributing Families to generate PDF's designed to go in bulk mail.

Option #4 is found in the Report Library using "Year End Statement Based on $250" to generate Word docs or PDF's designed for window envelopes.

1. Click here to go to Gabriel Annual Statements to Members How to Guides (two articles on the Gabriel Help site).   (Note: The option for statements from a family tag is not a GB Diocese Report Library option)

2. Click here for the Recording of the Diocese Webinar  There are excerpts from the webinar on using find/replace to customize the Word version of any report. 

3. Click Here for the Recording of Gabriel Support's Dec 2, 2021 Webinar on creating statements with the one-step process, or using a Word Mail Merge

3. For Year-end Statements (3 Reports)- Detail Contributions report; Summary Contribution Report, Mailing Labels for Contributing Families (11/12/21)

Found in: Report Library under Fundraising (Must have fund manager or church administrator security rights).

Reports for preparing year end statements provide detail or summary information for families and funds. The Mailing labels report sorts by zip code. Reports and labels are designed to USPS bulk mail rates, or first class pre-sort rates.

Here’s how to fill in the blanks for the $250 tax letter.

  • “Enter Path to the Signature file” - Paste a web link to where the Signature graphic is stored. (or leave blank)
  • “Type Signature of Logo” Enter the text that appears below the signature graphic
  • “What title should be used for signature” Enter the title of the person who’s signature appears on the letter.
  • “Header Logo” Paste a web link to where the Header Church logo graphic is stored. (or leave blank)
  • “Add a Message to your members” This message will appear as the second sentence in paragraph one. (if you hold off downloading the letters until tomorrow, we are fixing the “special message” from where it appears in paragraph 2 to paragraph 1.) 


You can download in Word and use Find/Replace to change any of the standardized text. If your parish needs assistance with that – I’m happy to walk you thru the steps in a zoom call with you.