Funerals Entry

Funerals and Prayer Services can now be documented in ChMS in the Funeral Tab within the member record. All Funerals held in your parish, and prayer services provided off-site (ie Funeral Home) by your clergy, or a Pastoral Associate are recorded in your Death Register, and recorded in ChMS, including those for non-parishioners. 

Gabriel has added a Funeral tab in the Member record for recording these Funerals and Prayer Services. All funerals recorded in your parish Death Register will now be recorded in this Funeral Tab. PRM notes for Death Registry will no longer be necessary. Instructions are included below for how to easily transfer the PRM note into a Funeral Rite in the Funeral tab.

Note: REQUIRED - the Location in the Book Information is your Church ID in 3 digits (see inset and sample below). You are required to enter your Church ID in this Location field.

Only enter Funerals for your Parish, same as those entered in your parish Death Register.

Information can come from the obituary. Do NOT copy/paste the entire obituary, just the essential data.

Open the family record, select the member record > elect Funeral New Funeral > then fill out the relevant information and click Save.

Note, if the deceased date is recorded in the member’s Date of Death in the miscellaneous tab, it will automatically populate to the Funeral Rite. If the Date of Death is changed in the Funeral Rite – it will automatically change it in the member’s miscellaneous info as well. The Date of Death in both the Miscellaneous Tab and the Funeral Rite are tied together, therefore if you change it in one place, it updates it in the other.

Sample of a completed Funeral Rite:

You can find your Church ID in in Family Explorer and in the URL.

Once the Date of Death has been recorded, change the member status to Deceased.

If all the members of the family are Deceased member status, make the Family Status deceased, and Unregister the family from the Churches Tab. If there are living members, set the family status as it applies to the living.

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To generate a report of funeral entries, select Reports > Report Library. Scroll to the Members section and open up the "Funerals" report. This report shows funeral information for a specified date range and selected locations. It includes the Member's name as well as all information related to the funeral entry. Use this report to check that the info has been entered correctly and that the Book Information includes the Location with your Church ID.

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Funeral Checklist:

  • Open Family Record. (If family is with another parish pull them into your church or does not exist in ChMS, add them)
  • Select the member record.
  • In Miscellaneous tab, enter Date of Death.
  • Change Member Status to Deceased.
  • Select Funeral tab.
  • Complete the Funeral information.
  • Check if other members of the family are living.
    • If no other family members are living,
      • change Family Status to Deceased
      • Select Churches tab and make family Unregistered
      • In Administrative tab, update Envelope information
    • If there are other living family members,
      • Update Family Status to whatever is appropriate
      • Update Churches in the Churches tab as appropriate for your parish



Updated May 25, 2023