This webinar covers the Duplicates Report to find duplicate families and how to research the duplicates, request them to be merged, and review merged family for duplicate members. The diocese can provide a duplicate families report, which will show duplicates across all parishes. We are also happy to help you review your duplicates and help in working with other parishes who have the duplicate families.

Click here for the recorded Webinar from 10/20/22

This webinar covers: 

Duplicates happen. Sometimes we search for a family and don't find them. So, we create a new family, only to discover later, or be informed by another parish, that the family already exists.

  • Why finding and fixing duplicate families is important.·
  • Reporting that provides parishes potential duplicates.  (Say that 10 times fast.)
  • Demo:   searching for families that may exist in other parishes.·
  • How do you talk to the “other” parish when there is a duplicate?·
  • How do I request families be merged? (GabrielSoft does this for us.)
  • What is the criteria that determines which family becomes the “master” family?·
  • What to do if a merge creates duplicate members within the family.

Also included in this webinar:

  • We reminded parishes of the upcoming Official Mass Count to be entered into GabrielSoft for Nov 5/6 and 12/13. And how to inactivate Masses when appropriate.
  • We reviewed the status of approvals for the Parish Annual Report, and trying to match figures to Gabriel reports pulled Aug 15.
  • We covered two new reports -Parish Receiving Method for Contributions and RE Families by Grade.

  1. Sample Duplicates Report is attached below. 
  2. A sample merge report is attached below.

Click here for the GabrielSoft help resource covering duplicates and merging