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Topics Include

Mass count entry required, changing Mass Schedule names to include the "location," and Inactivating Masses

Loose Cash & Fund Maintenance - Basics of entering contributions into Funds and using Batch entries, downloading posted batches for review. Also entering Loose Cash Collections into Family Envelope #99999 and Fund "attributes." & update on WeShare non-integration

GabrielSoft Mailing Addresses and the USPS address verification process in the family record

Death Registry member PRM notes - Death Registry vs. Deceased Info, and Date of Death, Deceased member status

RE registration and Maintenance - searching for unknown families using their email or phone number when a name search doesn't net results

Finding the Member ID in the URL (Family ID too)!

Priest and Deacon assignments handled by Dioceses including adding to Parish Staff standard Committee, understanding the Functional position vs. Job Title, and Trustee & Council Chair entry

Annual Chancery Report - (See minute 36:05 in the full webinar) commitment form was Due July 20 - Next steps for submitting reports