All parishes are required to record Loose Collections each week in Gabriel. Loose collections are identified as cash and coin contributions collected at Masses. These contributions are anonymous and not identifiable as donated by a family. A specific family, “Loose Collection Family ID 42329”, has been created for all parishes to use for this contribution. The fund to record these weekly cash contributions is the Envelope Loose Fund, or the Parish Support fund. The Family “Loose, Collection” should be unregistered with a Family Status of Contributor.

  1. Family ID is 42329
  2. Family Name is Loose, Collection
  3. Budget Number is 99999
  4. Family Status is Contributor
  5. Registered Status is N
  6. Fund to record cash collections is Envelope Loose, or Parish Support.


This entry can only be done by someone with Fund Manager, Fund Helper of Church Administrator security.

Note: it is okay to use a different Family for your Loose Collection - but to avoid confusion with the shared record of 42329, please use a different Budget Number than 99999. We want to reserve Budget 99999 for the family Loose Collectoin 42329.

Click here for a brief video demonstration of a basic contribution entry.

Click here for a brief video snip from a webinar showing entering Loose Collection as part of a batch entry.

The family that all loose cash collections are entered into is Family ID 42329, “Loose, Collection.”

Select Fund Raising from the blue menu, then Fund Maintenance

Select the Envelope Loose fund from the list of funds (or Parish Support if recording in that fund)


Select the Contributions tab.


Enter the date of entry, type 99999 in the Family field, select the Loose, Collection family, enter the dollar amount and click Save.


If you’d like to include Reference info or a Comment, click the arrow next to Save and select Show/Hide Comments to reveal the fields for Reference and Comment.

Click here for a 2020 webinar which includes a section on Entering Loose collection