This Webinar covers the topics related to entering sacraments into Gabriel to match the Sacramental Registry Book, reviewing family/registered status, reviewing deceased report to identify those deceased potentially in the Death register and how to enter Death Register PRM notes. Also discussed is the new on-line process for addressing how parishes will submit their Annual Report information to the Chancery office.

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The notes from the Chat are attached below.

1.  Registered Families and Contributors

  • Family Explorer 
    • Looking across parishes- helpful to pull in Families for Sacrament Only
  • How to confirm Family Status vs. Registered Status for accurate counts? (Report or Explorer)
    • For Parish Annual Report
  • How do I find Registered Families and Contributing Families? (Report Library)

2.  Sacraments

  • Does your Sacramental Registry match your Gabriel Sacrament report? 
    • Which sacraments do you count for Baptisms, First Communion, Confirmation, Adult Initiation/RCIA and Marriage? (held at your parish)
    • Counting Confirmation (your parishioners regardless of where sacrament celebrated)
    • Counting Adult Initiation and Received in Full Communion 

3.  Death Register

  • Matching the Deceased Report with Death Register
  • Death Registry PRM Notes

4.  Completing the Report

  • New process for submitting your annual report…  YOU GET TO CHOOSE!
  • Either we pull the four-pieces of information from Gabriel for you OR You choose to complete a four-part online form.

1. Parish Information:  Parish Name, Email, Phone, etc.

2. Registered Families and Contributors

3. Sacraments (Baptisms, First Communion, Confirmation, Adult Initiation/RCIA and Marriage)

4. Death Register