Change the case of family name for bulk mailings


The standard for family names in Gabriel is to use proper case and no function. This applies to the first and last names for the family. The case of the Mailing name and Salutation can be whatever the parish of registry choses, though Proper Case is preferred.


Whenever you pull a mailing label report or click save from the Mailing Address tab, USPS will automatically validate the family’s address and change the case in the tab to Upper Case.


This can make the name/address on an envelope or letter look awkward.


Since parishes generally use a mail merge with a downloaded list from Gabriel for mailings, you can add a column with a simple formula to either change the case of the Family Mailing name to match the case of the address, all caps.


Once you pull your report into Excel, add a column at the beginning of your report. Insert this formula and copy it down the list.



A basic tutorial on adding the formula of =Upper(cell_reference) is linked here.