This link will connect you to the Diocesan Directory as published annually in The Compass newspaper each autumn. (also available below as an attachment)

A tip for locating another parish staff's contact information in Gabriel, or the other parishes your family has connections to.

  1. In Family Explorer, Search for the family, the view should show the family for your parish only.
  2. Then add columns for Church City, Church name, Church ID, Modified by, Modified Date
  3. Next Add a Filter to Church ID for Not Equal To "0" (Zero). 
  4. This will make all parishes that have a relationship with the family visible. Use the Diocesan Directory in the link above to contact them at the general parish email or phone.
  5. OR: The Modified By reveals the email of the last person at the other parish who made a modification to the family's record in the Family Maintenance, Administrative or Church tabs.