This short video highlights the simple method of pulling a year end statement for just one family and preparing the email to send the statement to the family or the individual person requesting the statement. 

Click here to view the video for Year End Statement for one family and send in email.

The basic instructions to do this:

  1. Search for the family
  2. Open the family record to view them in Family Maintenance
  3. Click Reports from the menu, and select either Annual Statements-Detailed (PDF) or Annual Statements-Summarized (PDF) [I prefer the detailed so the member can pick out any $250+ donations from the detail]
  4. Click Print, which sends it as a download into your Downloads folder. You will see it pop up either in the bottom left of your screen or the top right depending on your browser.
  5. Open the pdf statement, and using Save As, name the file like "Smith 2021 Year end statement". Scroll down to the bottom of the statement to make sure it is just the one family's statement.
  6. Next go back to the family screen, and click Send Message
  7. Type in the subject line and body of the email. You can add a signature (and an optional signature graphic).
    1. Make sure in the # of recipients you have just 1 recipient. 
    2. If it doesn't say "1 recipient" then cancel, 
    3. Instead choose the member of the family who is requesting the statement and select Send Message from the member record (make sure they have an email and the is checked to receive emails)

  8. Add your file to the email by clicking Choose files and browse to the saved Year End statement and click Open. You will see the file name appear after "Choose Files" in the email box.
  9. If you want to receive a copy of the email check the "include parish office as recipient."
  10. Hit Send
  11. Alternately you can use your parish email like Outlook or Gmail and attach the file to an email from there to the family.