The Member Portal will allow a parishioner to see their family record, members of the family and their contributions. Once the Member Portal access has been granted, the parishioner will not have access to any other area inGabriel, as this locks them out of other family searches.  

  • If a parishioner has parish duties for updating family/member records or committees or other things in Gabriel, they cannot have the Member Portal access as well.
  • All Member Portal users should be invited thru the Invite Families email found in the Families Menu. This opens a customizable email with links to Registering for the Portal. 
  • It is recommended inviting certain groups at time to the Parish by setting up a Family Tag, placing a handful of families in the Family Tag and inviting them thru their Gabriel email. 

These articles on the member portal are from the GabrielSoft Help Resources. We've put all the Member Portal guides in one place to make navigating through the information easier. 

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