“Pull a Family Over” (Add an existing family from another parish into your parish)


You will often hear "pull the family over". This is the first step before adding a family to the database. Always search for the family across all parishes and if the family is found, click “add to church” from the search results. You can then work with the family record as it pertains to your parish relationship with this family. This prevents creating duplicate records.


This does not "take the family away from another church". As long as you don't change the church of registration (in the churches tab - the blue button designates the church of registration), you're simply establishing a relationship with a family particular their experience with your church.

You can do this in Family Explorer, by filtering "church ID" column for all churches, search for the family, select the family and click Actions, then "Add to my Church." 

Note: your parish will view the family from their perspective and does not change the relationship with the other church(s). But - the members in the family are shared, therefore do not change a member status without first checking with their Active/Registered church.

To Add a Family to your Parish (Add to Church) using Family Explorer and Actions

Once the family is located in another church, follow these steps to add the family to your church.

The command to Add to my Church appears in a dropdown called "Actions". this will be greyed out until a family is selected.

Note: You'll notice there are boxes next to the family names. If you would like to pull a family into your parish, check the box next to the family name, Click Actions, Select "Add to My Church." The family will then be accessible to users in your parish.  (Note: You can only add one family to your church at a time.)


Adding a New Family Record

These instructions are for Classic View:  "Go to Classic View" at the far right of the Family Explorer screen.

There are three ways to add a family to your church: from the Family Search Screen, by selecting the Family at the Family Search Screen, or in the Churches Tab while in Family Maintenance.

Search for the family across all parishes using the criteria for All Statuses, All Churches. Check in multiple ways like “Van Steel, VanSteel, Van-Steel”.  (Check that the address s matches the information you have).



Once you’ve located the family, in the search results screen click “Add to Church” from the far-right column. Choose your church from the pop up window.   Click Save. 



Once you’ve located the family, in the search results screen click the family name. Choose your church from the pop up window.   Click Save. 



If you are a linked parish, pulling a family from one of your parishes to another, this will be the method you use. Once you’ve located the family, in the search results screen click the family name. Go to the Churches Tab and click Add Church, select your parish from the list of churches. 


The family record will be visible, and their Family Status will be “New Register.” Set their Family status as it relates to your parish (Religious Ed Only, Sacrament Only, Contributor Only, etc).


When you Click the Churches tab you will see that all of the churches this family has had a relationship with appear on the list of churches. You can now change the family status from “New Register” to whatever defines your parish relationship with the family, i.e. Religious Ed, Sacrament Only, Contributor, etc.


You can work with the family and members in the same way you work with registered families. Leave the family registered with their current church. (If the family is asking to be active and registered at your parish, check the circle next to your church, and make the family status Active)


When you go back to your Family Search Results you will see the family appear now as having a relationship with your parish. You will note your church name at the left, and “members” in the far-right column.


The administrative tab will indicate that this family “has envelopes”. If you are not assigning this family envelopes. Then you should un-check this. 


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