To begin - all of your families with children in the RE program need to be families in your church. If you have students who are members of another parish, but taking RE courses at your parish you will need to "pull them over" into your church as RE Only families.

This is what we refer to as “pulling a family over”

Search for the family (parents) of the student using All Statuses, All Churches. Select the students family. Click the Churches tab, Click +Add to Church, Search for or scroll down to select your parish, click your parish to add your parish to their churches. They will appear as New Register status. You can now select the family status that defines your parish relationship with the family, i.e. Religious Ed, Sacrament Only, seasonal, etc. Once you've added your church, you can work with the family and members in the same way you work with Active families. Leave the family registered with their current church. (If the family is asking to be active and registered at your parish, check the circle next to your church, and make the family status Active)

If you get stuck, contact or by Phone: 1-877-312-5007 x 2


The how-to guides are listed in the order you should review them. The first link is to an overview video which you will want to watch first, as it will put give you a solid picture of the process. 


More guides on RE topics are available at

Basically, you start with setting up level maintenance, then setting up the student, teacher and aide committees, then adding the 3 committees to the RE info in the Menu: Administrative >Church Menu. 


Overview video/webinar demonstrations of the RE Module 

Set up grade levels (required to pull students into their grades)

Create committees for the Teachers, Aides & and students & set committees in RE Maintenance (in the RE Online Registration Article)

Add Students, teachers and aides to the RE committees

Set up Room Assignments

Create classes (or copy classes from last/current year)

Adding/Editing or Deleting Students from a Class

Set up fees for tuition and entering fees and payments

Promote students to the next grade level

Shared RE programs among parishes

Class attendance lists, and Class List

More guides on RE topics are available at

If you need assistance, contact