Using Family Search for Registered Families Count and Report

This guide will demonstrate how to use Family Search function and Registered To for the number of Registered Families based on date of Registry.  This is the search parishes use to determine “Registered Units” for the Annual Parish Report.

  1. When you first login to Gabriel your screen will automatically default to all Active families. To Search for a family, click Search

Click Reset to clear any previous search criteria you may have defined previously. The family records will reset to all Active families who are currently registered and unregistered in your church.

  1. The Family Search form will allow you to select your search parameters.

  2. For the Parish Annual Report you will choose: All Statuses, Registered Only, Current Parish, and Registered To with the last day of the Reporting Year, 06/30/ ____. 


Registered Unit Count as of the date you entered in “Registered To “appears as # of Records Found.


This is the figure you would use for “Registered Units” on the Annual Parish Report. In this case the Parish has 21 Registered Families.

This report can be downloaded to Excel or as a .CSV, by choosing "Download"


 Guide Created Aug 16, 2021 Pyoung for Diocese of Green Bay