This guide highlights each field on the annual report and matches the report (found in the report library) to the corresponding field. 

Reports to Pull from Gabriel in Preparation of the Annual Parish Report. The Parish Annual Report is for the date range of July 1 thru June 30 each year.


Reports can be found in the Report Library under the Reports menu.


Before reviewing the Registered and Contributing Families – start by pulling the Family Status with Registration Status. This report will help you identify families in Family Statuses that do not properly correlate with their Church Registration Status. Use this report to identify the number of families incorrectly listed, and then use Family Explorer or Classic View to search by the Family Status and Registered Y/N – select the family and correct either their Family Status or their church of registration. The annual report should have the figure for Registered and Active Families for Registered Households. The annual report figure for Contributing Units are those families who donate $100 or more cumulatively during the fiscal year. 



For number of Active/Registered Families and Contributing Families (under the Parish Annual Report header choose the Active Registered and Contributing Units report. This report will tell you how many families you had on that date. It is broken out by registered units and contributing units. Know that this data will likely change each time you pull the report. As families move from parish to parish, it adjusts the count based on today's information. It does not capture the true # of registered families in a date range, as changes made after that date range still affect the registered status. 


Active and Registered And Contributing Units


For Marriages (under the Sacraments heading), 

  1. Choose the Matrimony by Parish by Date report, choose your parish and enter date range of July 1, thru June 30.
  2. Count those marriages that were celebrated in your church (the sacrament should have been entered into Gabriel by someone in your parish) 
  3. Where both spouses (in the Religion column) are Catholic- count them as a Catholic Marriages
  4. Where either spouses is noted as Non-Catholic - count that marriage as Interfaith Marriages. 
  5. Both Spouse marital statuses should be “Married by Priest/Deacon” in the marital status column. 
  6. Match the Entered by column with the Location of Sacrament column. 
  7. If you find a marriage that has only one spouse listed - that means 
    1.  possibly your parish didn't enter the matrimony for the spouse. 
    2.  possibly the spouse hasn't been inserted into the spousal family (either from their parent's record or added new if applicable)
    3. Possibly the date of sacrament do not match

 If other parish marriages show up on your report - that's okay, they are supposed to. Only count the marriages that apply to your parish.

The final count you find in the Gabriel Report should match your Sacramental Register. If not, make the appropriate corrections.


For Adult Initiation, Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion and Received into Full Communion (under the Sacraments heading) - pull the Sacraments by Parish by Date report.


For Baptism, First Communion, Adult Initiation and Received into Full Communion:

  1. Count the sacrament if the Location is for your parish
  2. The sacrament should have been entered by someone from your parish. 
  3. Match each sacrament to the Sacramental Register(s)
  4. Look for anyone over the age of 7 who had Baptism, 1st Communion & Confirmation on the same day, as they are the Adult Initiation members, (in case the report isn't categorizing them correctly)
  5. Look for anyone over the age of 7 who had 1st Communion & Confirmation as they are the Received into Full Communion (RCIA) Members (in case the report isn't categorizing them correctly). 
  6. identify your parish entries by checking that the Entered by column and the location of sacrament match.
  7. Note that adults who receive Adult Confirmation and no other sacrament are counted as Confirmation. 
  8. If the Gabriel report doesn't match your sacramental register, make corrections as necessary.

For Confirmation,

  1. Count the sacrament if your parish entered the sacrament in the Entered by column.
  2. The location can be at any parish (confirmations are counted for based on the parish of registration at the time the sacrament was administered.)
  3. The sacrament should have been entered by someone from your parish. 
  4. Match each sacrament to the Sacramental Register(s)
  5. Look for anyone over the age of 7 who should be categorized in Adult Initiation or Received into Full Communion in case they were note categorized correctly in the report. 
  6. If the Gabriel report doesn't match your sacramental register, make corrections as necessary.


For number of Deaths (Actually the number of Funerals):

  • Pull the Deceased Members by Parish by Date report.
  • Look in the far-right column under Book Location - your funerals are those with your Gabriel Church ID in that column. (Match this report to your death registry book for funerals in your parish, prayer services by your parish clergy in a non-Catholic church location, or a Catholic Burial Committal service by your clergy when no other catholic funeral or prayer service was held, anywhere).
  • The report should match with funerals documents in your Death Register.
  • If they do not match, make corrections as appropriate.

For rules about sacramental register books, see Sacramental Register Handbook ( 

For more sacrament info, videos, help resources - use keyword search in Freshdesk.