Click the link below to go to the article on Separating a family in the event of a Divorce or Separation. There is also a video in the same article demonstrating the process.

Click the link below to see how to separate a family into two families. The children in the family should only appear on one parent's record. You pull each child over the appropriate family by using "Add to an Existing Family" in the Save button on the Member Maintenance page for each child. Do not duplicate the children in both parent's records. 

Use the global notes in the family maintenance screen to document pulling a member out and note their new ID, and add a PRM note to both families to cross reference.

Be sure to update the marital status of both spouses to their new status (divorced, separated)

How to Separate a Family or Create a New Family : Parish Support ( 

Video: Separate someone from their family (Divorce/Separation) or adult over age 27. Also - add someone to a family for Marriage