Naming Standards, First name, Last name, Mailing name and Salutation.

Mailing name is the complete name that would appear on an envelope or label.

i.e. "Mr. & Mrs. David Smith"

Salutation is the name that would appear on a letter after "Dear", but before the first and Last name.

i.e. "Mr & Mrs"

Many of the reports will insert the family based on this criteria.

1. Use the Mailing name

2. If no Mailing name exists, insert the Salutation + First Name + Last Name

3. If no Salutation exists, insert the First Name + Last Name 

When using the Family Mailing Labels from the Actions button, or Mailing Labels from the Family Maintenance page, you can choose which options to use for the name 


For couples with different last names, the Family last name can include both last names and the first name can include both first names. But preferred is to include one last name as Last name and then that person's first name in First name, followed by the full name of the second person. The keyword search in the family name will still find Jennifer Gomez when entering Gomez as the keyword and then inserting Jennifer in the First Name column. But it won't find "Gomez, Jennifer" unless you use Member Explorer to find the member.