In order to clarify when a new family record is to be created, we defined the Gabriel Family Unit as the following...

Gabriel Family Unit - One or more individuals living at the same address and city in a domestic relationship. All individuals in this case will exist under one Family ID in Gabriel unless, two or more individuals at the address require unique envelope numbers and/or tax statements. In this case, we should require one family ID per unique envelope number and/or tax statement. It is appropriate to move children over the age 26 and living at their parents home into their own family to get instructions for this go to

Here is an example;

Grandpa, Grandma, Son, and Daughter in-law live at the same address in the same city.

Grandpa and Grandma have their own envelopes and the Son and Daughter in law have been contributing electronically for years.


In this case we would need two Family ID’s with the same address. The reason is because the Parish has an obligation to report contributions separately because Grandpa and Grandma and  Son and Daughter in law will be filing their tax returns separately at the end of the year. You can only get one contribution report for each Family ID. 


If only Grandma and Grandpa are contributing, then there is no need to create a separate family ID for the Son and Daughter in law. They can all exist under the same family ID, although, adults over 26 should be considered a separate family, donating or not.