This video on using Family search to search for a family in another parish is also available on Gabriel's helpdesk. Always search for a family across all parishes before adding a new family as a way to prevent duplicate family records. 

Family Search across the Diocese Video

Select Family Search from the Families menu (or from the line below the menu). You may need to hit Reset to clear your last search.

In Family status choose "All Statuses"

In Parishes choose "All Parishes"

In Registered choose "All Parishioners"

Enter the last name (Depending on the name, you may have to try it several ways, with hyphen,

    space, no space, with/without portion of first name.)

Hit Search


The family search box is below. In this case I'm searching for any family with "zyzz" in their name. My result shows several families with "zyzz" in their name. I am looking for Zyzzers, Charles and find they are members of St Rose St Mary. In order for me to see more info or do anything with this family, I will have to "add to church". The How to for "add to Church" (Add an Existing Family to Your Parish (Pull a Family Over) : Parish Support (